Does the app contain in-app purchases or advertisement?
No! Little Lost Sheep is built for little children. We think that in-app purchases and advertisement are not suitable in children-apps. Therefore we did not use this kind of commercial options in Little Lost Sheep.

Can I switch off the background music or voice over?
Yes, of course. We are parents ourselves and we know that hearing the same app-music over and over again might drive you crazy :-) Therefore you can disable the background music and the voice-over in the app settings. You can open the settings by pressing the little info-icon in the top right corner on the main screen.

I can’t set the app to Dutch language.
The app detects the active language on your device. If you want to use Little Lost Sheep in Dutch, you have to change your iPhone language to Dutch. You can do this in the settings-app. There choose general->international->language and choose Dutch.

Can I use Little Lost Sheep on my iPhone 3GS?
Yes, you can. We actually tested the app a lot on this device. It’s an ideal phone to let your children play with. With it’s plastic cover it doesn’t break easily :-)

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