Finding fun and playful games for our toddlers in the app store is not that easy! Besides some interactive books, there’s not much to find for our youngest! Little Lost Sheep is an app built for toddlers. In fact, the idea for the app came from my three-year-old daughter herself!

With Little Lost Sheep, you will play hide and seek with your toddler to find a little sheep that got lost. It’s a simple game: your toddler is the shepherd who has to close his or her eyes tight. Then you will hide the iPhone somewhere in the room. In a shoe, under a seat, in the dollhouse, be creative! If the iPhone is not moving for three seconds, the screen will go black and the phone ‘transforms’ into a little lost sheep. This sheep will call for help every 5 to 10 seconds. Now the shepherd can start his search ... that’s a lot of fun; he can hear the sheep, but he can’t see it! Did he find the little lost sheep? Then it’s time for a party because the herd is complete again!

Little Lost Sheep

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